Alessia Tortosa, astrophysicist researcher studying the most powerful monsters in the Universe:

Supermassive Black Holes

Currently I am a FONDECYT Post-Doc fellow at Nucleo de Astronomia of the Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago, Chile. My project is based on the study of accretion properties of supermassive black holes using broad-band X-ray spectroscopy. In particular I am focusing on the X-ray emitting region of AGN, the hot corona. Before moving to Santiago I worked on the X-ray polarimetry mission IXPE at the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Planetology INAF-IAPS in Rome, Italy. I got my PhD in Physics in 2018 at Roma Tre University working on the Comptonization mechanisms acting in the hot coronae of AGN. I am part of the the Swift/BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey (BASS) team, of the scientific working group of the hard X-ray NASA mission NuSTAR, of the science team of the new NASA polarimetry mission, IXPE (expected launch 2021) and of the new ESA mission ATHENA X-Ray Observatory (expected launch 2028).

My new paper about the study of the hyper-Eddington accreting AGN in the nearby Seyfert 1 galaxy IRAS04416+1215 has now been accepted for publication in MNRAS!

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For an overview of my works please visit the gallery of my publications.

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